Las Vegas Casino Heist Remains a Mystery

Robbery at New York, New York marks second high-profile Las Vegas casino heist in three months

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Brazen Las Vegas casino heist caught on camera

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Robbery at New York, New York marks second high-profile Las Vegas casino heist in three months

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Robbery at New York, New York marks second high-profile Las Vegas casino heist in three months

Robbery at New York, New York marks second high-profile Las Vegas casino heist in three months
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Brazen Las Vegas casino heist caught on camera

Brazen Las Vegas casino heist caught on camera
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Robbery at New York, New York marks second high-profile Las Vegas casino heist in three months

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Brazen Las Vegas casino heist caught on camera

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New images of Dave Bautista and the cast of Zack Snyder's 'Army of the Dead' - A group of mercenaries plot a heist on a Las Vegas casino during a zombie outbreak.

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Just finished Red Seas Under Red Skies (Gentleman Bastards #2). Very mixed feelings that I had to share. [Spoilers]

I absolutely loved the Lies of Locke Lamora and I was excited to start the next adventure. While overall, I did still enjoy Red Seas Under Red Skies, I ended up being disappointed by how jumbled and unfocused the book was, especially since each individual plotline had incredible potential.
I felt that the author had 2 great ideas:
  1. Fantasy Las Vegas casino heist
  2. Fantasy pirate adventure
In a vacuum, they're both great ideas and both plotlines in the book interesting, engaging and well written. But god, combining both of them meant that the pay off to both felt so hollow and rushed. Just as it felt like the casino plotline would pick up momentum, we were thrust into the pirate adventure and just as it felt like the pirate adventure looked to reach its peak, we were thrust back into the casino plot.
The climax had the opportunity to tie both of them together by making the narrative driver the revenge for Ezri. However, Stragos' actions weren't tied strongly enough to what happened with Ezri and it fell flat. He never felt like the conniving puppet master that was the source of the Bastards' problems that he should have.
What did you guys think? I enjoyed it overall but I do wish they had chosen one plotline and stuck to it rather than trying to have their cake and eat it too.

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Would love to see a DLC of Las Venturas (Las Vegas) where all 3 guys go and plan several heists robbing casinos/strip clubs/etc.

I think Las Venturas in GTA 5 would take a bit of work, but perfect for an oversized DLC. I know R* could do it up real nice, with some big heists blowing up a bank vault in a casino, or knocking out a bunch of strippers and stealing all the drugs/money in the back room. Also, would be cool if they put in some gambling mini-games (blackjack, craps, etc.), and for cultural references: I'd love to rob the Pawn Stars store.
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President Obama summons you to the oval office and tasks you with making a team for a grand heist on the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas. You can have 3 former US presidents, living or dead, to join your team. Who do you choose and why?

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$1.5 million dollar heist: Gunman robs the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas.

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$1.5 million heist at Las Vegas casino

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I Like Las Venturas

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[krimewave] The Vegas Job <2020-12-27>

<<2021-12-27 / 23:59 (UTC)>>
>>A.K.A. 1559~PST, 12-27<<
<> 3-5
<> 3-5
<> Strip Life, Las Vegas, PCC
<> Player Scaled/ HEIST / PRIME
<> Le Jus Basique, SR5 CRB
a silent and invisible icon places a commcode beneath a casino screed-sheet popup that's been hacked out for a message flyer:
Please consider a small donation with your purchase today to your local Knight-Errant Widows & Orphans fund. Tickets to your next Lone Star Security Officer’s Ball are also available from your local Safeway-MixtecaMarketon & participating Kroger-Raley’s franchises, and patrol officers may also have tickets! {{PLEASE DO NOT ACCOST OFFICERS DURING SECURITY PROCEDURES}} Your safety is our service!
I cannot rightly disclaim any content from my run. Fading to black will be mandatory for all sexual content beyond social roll calculation. I will do my best to avoid offending players with unnecessary descriptive quality, but the world of Shadowrun that I create is dark, cruel, and brutal.
Please detail: Time since last run, your Discord handle if it is different than your Reddit, and the character sheets/info regarding runner pertinent to running(special interest groups, vendettas). IC responses are not necessary, but should be in the form of a calling card or referral memo from your Fixer to the Johnson.
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Legend concept: Ace the Wild card Gambler

Name: Ace
Title: Wild-card Gambler
Class: Offense
Age: 26 Backstory: A gambler recruited by Blisk due to his luck and skills...mostly luck. He worked with his childhood friend in a gang that preformed casino heists all over the galaxy (The results were as crazy as Payday) then later spilt up after the last heist before he was found by Blisk
Appearance: Wears a black zip up hoodie with a gold outline and a gold outline of a 4 prong crown with each of the card symbols for each prong, a gold tie that has black card symbols on it, a grey shirt, black gloves with gold a Spade symbol on the right and a gold diamond on the left, black pants, black shoulder and knee pads with a gold outline that each has a gold color card symbol, gold arm guards on the fore arm and a black skull mask that has gold out lines of cards running the cheeks like tears with gold colored eyes
Passive: Lucky loot: Gain a attachment from any gun he picks up said gun "Today is just my Lucky day"
Tac: Card skills: Grab out a deck of specially made cards that each have different effects: Spade= Higher damage, but lower accuracy. Clubs= Increase accuracy, but lower damage. Heart= gives a small amount of health. Diamond= Spawns a random peice of loot from the area (not from a player). Only can grab out one random card and the cool down would be 25 seconds. (patch note) Can throw the random card at a teammate to give them the random buff to be a team player "Let's see what Lady luck has for me"
Ult: High roller: Draw out a special hand cannon that has a mag of 6 bullets with each bullet doing a random effect (sheild tic damage, health tic damage, double damage, small health steal, stunning, and explosive) cool down would be (patch note) 2minutes "I'm all in now!"
Character select: Holds out his deck of cards and slap it between his hands and pulls out his banner card "Let's make a bet that I win this match"
Heirloom: Winning Hand$ (Yes, the cash sign was intentional): a pair of gloves with a gold card symbol on each of the fingers (except thumb) that when meleeing it shoots out retractable razor bladed cards from the finger gaps Rare inspect: Shoots out a card that has the Apex predator symbol between his index and middle finger
Kill quip: "I was right about luck being better than skill"
Revining teammates: "Don't worry, you might get lucky next time"
Season name: Game of risk. Map for season: Olympus with a underground road system that changes paths after a ring count down and it would be at night time to show some pretty neon signs and lights
Town takeover: Olympus at the welcome center and Powerstation east as a futuristic Las Vegas style casino that has 3 floors that uses crafting materials to work the casino games (you might get lucky and get a care package weapon) with a special office dedicated to the special things he stole from his early heists (like a gold sword or something). Special quip in casino: "Man, this brings back more memories. Maybe I should check up with the gang sometime?..."
Finishers: Loaded dice: Tosses dice at enemy then turns around and plugs his ears as the dice explodes on the enemy
House always wins: Picks up enemy and suplexes them then unloaded his ult into the enemy
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[Thu, Jan 07 2021] TL;DR — This is what you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit


Angela Merkel: Trump shares blame for US Capitol storming
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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern: Democracy "should never be undone by a mob"
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Mexican president offers to vaccinate unlawful migrants in U.S.
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Congress has certified the 270 Electoral College votes needed to confirm Joe Biden's presidential election win.
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Warnock, Ossoff win in Georgia, handing Dems Senate control
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Police remove barriers to mob storming US capitol, taking selfies
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Before the pandemic, one-third of US households with children were already “net worth poor,” lacking enough financial resources to sustain their families for 3 months at a poverty level. Their savings are virtually nil, and they have no financial cushion to provide the basics for their children.
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US politicians who engage in “negative partisanship”, referring to hostile, nonsubstantive rhetoric about an opposing party or statements emphasizing defeats of partisan opponents, are not rewarded with higher evaluations from citizens. Voters don’t want representation focused around polarization.
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For young adults in the 18–24-year-old age group, pornography was the most commonly endorsed helpful source about how to have sex, as compared to other possible options such as sexual partners, friends, media, and health care professionals. This was more likely for males and heterosexuals.
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NASA wants to deorbit the International Space Station before the end of this decade. Axiom plans to replace the International Space Station and potentially save NASA billions per year.
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Galaxy-Size Bubbles Discovered Towering Over the Milky Way. For decades, astronomers debated whether a particular smudge was close-by and small, or distant and huge. A new X-ray map supports the massive option.
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Earth is whipping around quicker than it has in a half-century
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‘Incredible’ gene-editing result in mice inspires plans to treat premature-aging syndrome (Progeria) in children
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New Atlas: New catalyst converts common plastic waste into fuels (77%) and wax (15%)
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U.S. law sets stage for boost to artificial intelligence research
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Couples therapists, without breaking confidentiality, what are some relationships that instantly set off red flags, and do you try and get them to work out?
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What were weird myths you thought about sex as a kid?
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What’s the greatest mental health tip you’ve gotten?
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TIL in 2013, a 9 year-old British girl passed through Turkish customs with a toy passport with gold teddy bears on the front that identified her as a unicorn. Her mother accidentally handed over the passport that the girl had made for her toy unicorn, and the customs offіcer accepted and stamped it
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TIL Ants sleep by taking about 250 one minute naps throughout their day. It totals just under 5 hours of sleep. This allows for 80% of their colony to be awake, working and prepared at any given moment.
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TIL Jerry Seinfeld is banned from the New York soup stall that he used for the basis of The Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld. Weeks after the episode aired, Seinfeld went in for lunch, and chef Al Yeganeh asked him to leave, unhappy with the moniker the show had given him.
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[OC] Numerical Simulation of Traffic Jam Formation
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[OC] types of alcoholic beverages consumed in terms of pure alcohol content by country, 2018
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[OC] By applying a collector's curve to large marine animals (>2m) I’ve determined that there are six sea monsters left to discover. Video explanation and sources in comments.
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My cooking challenge of 2020 : ended up making 150 different recipes from 114 different countries.
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I have plain vanilla ice cream in the freezer. What ice cream toppings can I make quickly out of ordinary ingredients?
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Eggs-hate them but I want to like them
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[Homemade] Brioche Doughnuts
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[Homemade] Smoked Beef Back Ribs
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My take on Tonkotsu Ramen with spicy umami bomb. [homemade]
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New images of Dave Bautista and the cast of Zack Snyder's 'Army of the Dead' - A group of mercenaries plot a heist on a Las Vegas casino during a zombie outbreak.
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Ray Fisher’s Cyborg Written Out of ‘The Flash'; Role Won’t Be Recast
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Netflix’s next big science fiction movie is set to debut next week: Outside the Wire, a military science fiction thriller starring Damson Idris as a soldier assigned to assist a classified military robot (played by Anthony Mackie) in a war zone.
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If I can't have her... , Adam the Creator, Digital, 2021
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Trump-O-Matic, Mark Bryan, Oil on Canvas, 2016
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United Screams of America, Me, 2021
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Stephen Colbert's Live Monologue for Jan. 6, 2021
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Aziz Ansari's Master Of None to return. Season three to be shot in London
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WandaVision has been officially rated TV-PG
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How it started and how it ended
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Domestic Terrorism
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The Capitol police removes disabled people as they protest healthcare changes, in 2017.
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Police letting Trump rioters into Capitol
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A relaxing bath for a stressful times
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A great white shark may grow and use 20,000+ teeth in its lifetime. Also, it has 5 rows of teeth at any given time & will never run out of teeth because if one is lost, another spins forward from a coil-like tooth reservoir of backup teeth in the jaw and spins forward to replace the old one.
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This McDonalds hasn't been renovated since the 80's/90's.
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Two toned deer I saw this morning
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I found a cake vending machine
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During the four years of the Civil War, Ft. Stevens was the closest the confederates got to Washington. During the insurrection on the US Capitol building today, supporters of Donald Trump carried the confederate battle flag through the Capitol as they committed attempted sedition.
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The door to the dining area of the Alcobaça Monastery in Portugal was made narrow so that monks who got too fat were forced to go into fasting.
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Street artist Kevin Lee called his work "the invisibility of poverty".
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My little sister bought accessories for her cat. This is the result. Thug Lyfe
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Giddy up!
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How are we feeling today?
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My mum made this for me!
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I present to you the best dance move the turtle shake
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Kitten focusing on the important stuff
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Random Subreddit of the day: asexuality

These are its 3 top posts of all time:
I’m 62. It’s time.
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this is so much better
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Representation matters
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Grim's origin! (My 4th OC)

Grim was originally a human, who made a lot of bad decisions in his life:/ One night he shot a man and his family for not helping him when they were on a bank heist when they were younger. This made him a wanted criminal in Mexico. So he ran away to the US, this is where he tried restarting his life by changing evrything about him! He worked at a casino in Las Vegas and had a pretty good life, until he was shot while working by a police officer. He was supposedly dead, but woke up a few hours ago; having major pain. He was sent to jail and eventually died. He went to hell, leading to him losing his legs, growing horns and having a weird skin color. He was given a gun, a scarf which resembled his happyness and a tathered up version of his suit. Then something happened, a angel came down from the heavens. The angel explained that this is just a way to prove himself. He was sent to kill 1,000,000 demons, this was the only way to return to the world and to completely change his ways. So he became a bounty hunter! Once his goal is met he will return to the mortal world.
Thanks for taking your time to read this:)
 By yours truly, u/KingCruzOG! 
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DLC ideas that I think would be awesome to play (Spoilers for the endings of the game)

Massive spoilers for the endings of the game, if you didn't beat the game yet or haven't seen all the endings of the game, turn back now.

When I say DLC, I mean paid dlc that adds new quest, characters, locations, weapons, stuff like that. DLC that I would wanna play are the stories that would take place after the endings of the game, all 4 of them. In my mind, this isn't buying the actual ending of the game, it's simply a story after the main story is done. The thing with this, is that there would be dlc for the 4 different endings. One for the the Nomad ending, one for Johnny's ending, one for the Arasaka ending, and one for the Night City Legend ending. Simply put, what happens after all these endings. I've also thought of the names of the dlc.

The Nomad's Story (Nomad ending): After V leaves Night City with the nomads, (s)he and Panam will attempt to find the contacts Panam was talking about in an attempt to stop V from dying. The playable area could possibly take place in an area like Las Vegas. This could add gambling which would be an incredible feature and good way to make some $$$. I think it could also be imagine would Las Vegas would look like in 2077.

The Legend's Story (Night City Legend ending): After V decides to stay in NC and becomes a legend, they go on a contract to do a casino heist. It turns into a simple heist, into attempting to take over the casino and have V be in charge.

Johnny's Story (Johnny's ending): After V lets Johnny keep the body, Johnny leaves NC forever, in an attempt to start over in life. New face, new name, new beginnings. He simply wants to live a quiet life now, after his new best friend died. However, Arasaka learns that Johnny is alive and wants Johnny because he is a threat to Arasaka, since Yorinobu is a punk ass bitch.

The Arasaka Story (Arasaka ending): I tried to play this ending but after the final boss, my game bugged and I couldn't leave the boss room. Got too lazy and didn't want to fight smasher again. I'll update this once I see the Arasaka ending for myself.

The only problems with these dlcs, is that not only do you have to beat the game to actually play them, but you cannot do them "in the same universe", if that makes sense. DLCs like the Skyrim or Fallout are side stories and you can do them whenever you want and you don't need the game to beat them (looking at you Broken Steel). With these dlcs, you are required to beat the game to play them. There'd be no other way around it sadly. And since there can only be 1 canon ending, that means there can only be 1 canon dlc, which sucks. Despite these two issues, I think these dlcs would be awesome and I'd buy them in a heartbeat
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ILPT: Easy $160 million

Following his release from prison, Danny Ocean violates his parole by traveling to California to meet his partner-in-crime and friend Rusty Ryan to propose a heist. The two go to Las Vegas to pitch the plan to wealthy friend and former casino owner Reuben Tishkoff. The plan consists of simultaneously robbing the Bellagio, the Mirage, and the MGM Grand casinos. Reuben's familiarity with casino security makes him very reluctant to get involved, but when he starts to think of it as a good way to get back at his rival, Terry Benedict, who owns all three casinos, he agrees to finance the operation. Because the casinos are required by the Nevada Gaming Commission to have enough cash on hand to cover all their patrons' bets, the three predict that on the upcoming night of a highly anticipated boxing match, the Bellagio vault will contain more than $150,000,000.
Danny and Rusty recruit eight former colleagues and criminal specialists: Linus Caldwell, a young and talented pickpocket; Frank Catton, a casino worker and con man; Virgil and Turk Malloy, a pair of gifted mechanics; Livingston Dell, an electronics and surveillance expert; Basher Tarr, an explosives expert; Saul Bloom, an elderly con man; and "The Amazing" Yen, an accomplished acrobat. Several team members carry out reconnaissance at the Bellagio to learn as much as possible about the security, the routines, the behaviors of the casino staff, and the building itself. Other members create a precise replica of the vault with which to practice maneuvering through its formidable security systems. During this planning phase, the team discovers that Danny's ex-wife, Tess, is Benedict's girlfriend. Rusty urges Danny to give up on the plan, believing Danny incapable of sound judgment while Tess is involved, but Danny refuses.
On the night of the fight, the plan is put into motion. Danny shows up at the Bellagio purposely to be seen by Benedict, who, as predicted, locks him in a storeroom with Bruiser, a bouncer. However, Bruiser is on Danny's payroll and allows him to access the vent system and join his team as they seize the vault, coincident with activities of their other team members in and around the casino. Rusty calls Benedict on a cell phone Danny dropped in Tess's coat earlier and tells him that unless he lets them have half of the money in the vault, they will blow it up; Benedict sees video footage confirming Rusty's claim. Benedict complies, having his bodyguards take the loaded duffel bags to a waiting van driven by remote control. Benedict has his men follow the van while he calls in a SWAT team to try to secure the vault. The SWAT team's arrival causes a shootout that sets off the explosives and incinerates the remaining cash. After affirming the premises otherwise secure, the SWAT team collects their gear and departs.
As Benedict arrives to examine the ruined vault himself, his men stop the van and find the bags were only loaded with flyers for prostitutes. Benedict studies the video footage and recognizes that the flooring in the vault on the video lacks the Bellagio logo, which had been added only recently to the vault. It is shown that Danny's team used their practice vault to create fake footage to fool Benedict. Furthermore, they themselves were the SWAT team and used their gear bags to take all of the money from the vault right under Benedict's nose. Benedict goes to see that Danny has seemingly been locked up in the storeroom throughout the heist and thus innocent of any crime. As Tess watches via CCTV, Danny tricks Benedict into saying he would give her up in exchange for the money. Benedict, unsatisfied with Danny's plan to get back the money, orders his men to escort Danny off the premises and inform the police that he is violating his parole by being in Las Vegas. Tess leaves Benedict and exits the hotel just in time to see Danny arrested. The rest of the team bask in the victory in front of the Fountains of the Bellagio, silently going their separate ways one-by-one. When Danny is released after serving time for his parole violation, he is met by Rusty and Tess. They drive off, closely followed by Benedict's bodyguards.
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Plans for the future?

SimCasino is in early access. I was curious if the devs have any kind of a road map for features they plan to add in to the game.
But in the meantime, here are some ideas I'd love to see implemented one way or another...

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** Wed 12/2 - Christmas TV shows - ALL CHANNELS ** - part 1 of 3

all times EST - check local listings.
Deck the HallsTomorrow, 12:00 AM / FAM-E 52As two neighbors in a small town prepare for the festivities of Christmas, they get into an all-out war when one decides to decorate his home with so many lights that they are visible from space, but they soon learn the true meaning of Christmas.
The Most Wonderful Time of the YearTomorrow, 12:00 AM / HALMRK 68A single working mother's disdain for the holiday season is put to the test when her uncle, a kindly, retired police officer, brings a mysterious stranger by her home in an effort to rekindle the Christmas spirit for her and her young son.
Martin - Holiday BluesTomorrow, 12:00 AM / BET 71Martin wants to take Gina to Philadelphia in order to visit her parents for the Christmas holiday, but when their bus gets unexpectedly snowed in at the station, their bags also get stolen, jeopardizing their trip altogether.
A Godwink ChristmasTomorrow, 12:00 AM / HALLMV 84When a St. Louis antique appraiser accepts a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, her aunt invites her to her Nantucket home near Martha's Vineyard, but while there, she meets a charming inn owner and begins to fall in love with him.
People Presents: Once Upon a Main StreetTomorrow, 12:01 AM / LIF-E 38A woman makes plans to turn an empty storefront into a year-round Christmas shop, but when she learns a man has the same idea, they both agree to help the current property owner with his holiday chairman duties with hopes of winning the space.
Finding ChristmasTomorrow, 2:00 AM / HALLMV 84After men from New York and North Carolina decide to switch residences during the holiday season, each one encounters a woman from the other's life, and as romance ensues, the time for each person to return home approaches.
Dear ChristmasTomorrow, 2:04 AM / LIF-E 38A popular podcast host known for being a love expert prepares for her holiday episodes where she shares true romance stories with her listeners, but despite the subject matter of her show, she has never experienced love herself.
PJ Masks - PJ Masks Save ChristmasTomorrow, 2:15 AM / DISNEYJR 179The PJ Masks work alongside Santa Claus when Romeo decides to ruin Christmas for everybody to being placed in the infamous naught list.
Extreme Christmas TreesTomorrow, 3:00 AM / TLC 46From the breath-taking decadence of the largest Christmas tree installation in Las Vegas to a fragrant fir adorned with over $200,000 worth of specifically collected ornaments, the holidays will officially be kicked into high gear.
Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey Saves SantaTomorrow, 3:25 AM / DISNEYJR 179Christmas is in danger of not happening this year when Santa's sleigh breaks down on Christmas Eve and he is unable to deliver all of the presents in his bag, so Mickey and friends come to Santa's aid and help ensure all the gifts are given out.
Rick Steves' Special: European ChristmasTomorrow, 3:30 AM / WEDU-DT 3/ PBS / HDTVHost Rick Steves hosts a colorful celebration of Christmas traditions from all across Europe, with traditions from England, to Wales, France, Norway, germany and others; bright Christmas markets and performances from local choirs.
Felix the Cat Saves ChristmasTomorrow, 3:45 AM / STRZFK 274The Professor and Rock Bottom are plotting to ruin Christmas by creating the world's largest blizzard, and it's up to Felix the Cat and Poindexter to journey to the North Pole and save Christmas with the help of Santa Claus.
Double HolidayTomorrow, 4:00 AM / HALMRK 68A career-driven woman competes for a promotion opportunity at work with her office co-worker, but when the CEO asks the two of them to plan the company's Christmas party, they start to learn more about one another and feelings begin to develop.
The Christmas OrnamentTomorrow, 4:00 AM / HALLMV 84After a widow decides to keep her winter holiday festivities relatively low key, she soon encounters a Christmas tree lot owner who provides her with a decorative item, and she starts to realize that there may be a lot more to life.
Fresh Beat Band of Spies - Christmas 2.0Tomorrow, 4:13 AM / NGN-E 125The Fresh Beat Band of Spies must embark on an adventurous journey to the North Pole in order to deck the halls and prevent Christmas from being ruined by an elf, who is overly enthusiastic, and his mechanical Santa Claus
The Great Christmas Light FightTomorrow, 4:55 AM / AMCALL 64Families from Pleasanton, Calif., Hillsboro, Tenn., St. George, Utah and Duluth, Minn. compete in a contest to see who can impress the judges with creative Christmas house decorations in order to win the prize of $50,000.
Buttons: A Christmas TaleTomorrow, 4:57 AM / STRZFK 274Two orphan girls' only wish is to find a home for Christmas, and when they meet two unexpected visitors, they turn out to be their guardian angels who, with a little help, turn the tide of events and change their lives forever.
Love That Girl! - Happy Hold Up DayTomorrow, 5:00 AM / TVONE 146The holiday season takes a turn for the worst when a group of bank robbers decides it is the perfect time to undertake a Christmas Eve heist that results in the unintended consequence of Imunique and her friends being taken hostage.
Christmas in HomesteadTomorrow, 6:00 AM / HALMRK 68A famous actress comes to a Christmas-obsessed small town in Iowa to shoot a holiday-themed movie and is surprised to find herself falling for a local innkeeper who is also a single father as she receives a lesson in the true meaning of Christmas.
Christmas on Honeysuckle LaneTomorrow, 6:00 AM / HALLMV 84When a woman returns to her hometown in order to celebrate the holidays for the last time in the home she grew up in, she discovers a hidden surprise in her mother's antique desk which teaches her the true meaning of Christmas.
What's Happening!! - ChristmasTomorrow, 6:00 AM / TVONE 146Raj and Dee plan to have Christmas dinner at Bill's place because Mama has to work and cannot celebrate with everyone, but she may actually wind up being alone for the holiday when her plans suddenly change at the last minute.
It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas MovieTomorrow, 7:00 AM / FAM-E 52Kermit the Frog and the Muppets have to scramble to raise money to save the Muppet Theater when the bank owner who holds their mortgage wants to transform the building into a casino, and they receive assistance from an angel.
The Andy Griffith Show - The Christmas StoryTomorrow, 7:00 AM / SUN 89Andy empties the Mayberry jail in a gesture of goodwill for Christmas, unaware that the spiteful designs of Ben Weaver threaten to eclipse the festivities of the season unless Andy can find a way to impart some holiday cheer to the cranky codger.
Disney Mickey Mouse - Duck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse ChristmasTomorrow, 7:00 AM / DISNEYXD 122Donald Duck gets himself into a peculiar situation when he decides to stay with Mickey and the gang to celebrate Christmas festivities with them instead of traveling south for the winter alongside Daisy and the other ducks.
A Christmas Winter SongTomorrow, 8:00 AM / LIF-E 38A musical bond forms between a Christmas shop owner and a former jazz singer who has hit rock bottom as the store owner tries to help the artist reconnect with his daughter and grandchildren in time for the towns annual holiday concert.
CMT Christmas MusicTomorrow, 8:00 AM / CMTV 45/ NewA selection of Christmas-themed music videos is presented from some of the industry's most popular artists, including rising stars and music icons.
On the Twelfth Day of ChristmasTomorrow, 8:00 AM / HALMRK 68A woman is delighted when a man for whom she has long held feelings moves to town, and his lack of holiday spirit motivates her to come up with 12 Christmas gifts that offer tasks she hopes will inspire him to rediscover his passion.
Operation ChristmasTomorrow, 8:00 AM / HALLMV 84After her military officer boyfriend is forced to deploy right before Christmas, a single mother and her children are inspired by their own difficulties to help other families of military members, with their efforts going viral.
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Bellagio Casino Heist / Robbery Footage In Las Vegas ... LAS VEGAS GRIFTERS CASINO HEIST New surveillance video released in Bellagio casino heist ... Another Heist Targets Vegas Chips Bellagio Casino Heist Nuevo man arrested for Las Vegas casino heist - YouTube

A brazen robbery of Hilton Casino (2008) Two blocks away from Las Vegas Strip one of the most brazen robberies took place. Two robbers in motorcycle helmets entered Hilton hotel casino and took ... This heist was committed in 1993 at the Circus Casino, Las Vegas.There are two aspects to this theft which make it rather unique. To start with, this robbery was executed by a man and his lover. This robbery was committed by this duo not for fun alone but the amount stolen, $2.5 million, making it a heist of the first order.. The second aspect about this theft was that the man who masterminded ... Der drittreichste Mann der Welt, Warren Buffet (88), hält ein staatlich kontrolliertes Monopol für die Stromversorgung in Las Vegas. Der Milliardär, der Platz 21 der Forbes Liste belegt, Casino ... Brennan worked at the Stardust Hotel and Casino that was located at 3000 Las Vegas Boulevard South and was owned and operated by the Boyd Gaming Corporation. Ken Lund/Flickr . The then-34-year-old Brennan was described by his former boss Scott Schettler as a humble and pleasant loner with a cat who was an honest and accurate ticket writer, so Schetller promoted him to cashier. America's Most ... Las Vegas Sun The Stardust, which was imploded in 2007, was a victim of theft in September 1992, when a sports-book cashier simply walked out the door with an estimated $500,000 worth of cash and ... Allerdings ist Casino Las Vegas ein Online Casino, das die Atmosphäre von Las Vegas zu Ihnen bringt, ganz egal, wo auf der Welt Sie sich befinden. Wir liefern den Nervenkitzel und die Aufregung von dem Las Vegas Strip direkt zu Ihnen nach Hause oder an jeden anderen Ort, wo Sie spielen. In der Tat ist das Casino Las Vegas in vielerlei Hinsicht sogar besser als ein Besuch auf dem Las Vegas ... In 1992 employee to Stardust Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Bill Brennan, walked out with half a million dollars and was never heard from since. He reported to his job like he had for the previous four years, but that night he pulled off the most legendary casino heist that is still talked about on the Strip today. He robed Stardust for $500,000; and actually got away with it. 23 years later ... Casino: Treasure Island, Las Vegas. Year: 2000 . Score: $30,000. This Las Vegas casino was actually subject to multiple robberies at the turn of millennium, though only one was successful. In October, 2000, Reginald Johnson burst into the Treasure Island Casino wielding a gun, making off with $30,000. This followed two previous hits on the establishment, during which Johnson failed to nab any ... Las Vegas („Neon City“ „The City of Light“) das berühmte Spielerparadies mit Ihren vielen Casinos und Hotels befindet sich mitten in der Wüste im Bundesstaat Nevada. Man bezeichnet Las Vegas auch als die Stadt die niemals schläft mit seinen ganzen Neonlichtern und Sehenswürdigkeiten. Besonders der Strip von Las Vegas mit den vielen Casinos und die Fremont Street (der alte Strip ... Las Vegas war gestern Spektakuläres Macau: Wo schon James Bond zockte Die asiatische Boomtown Macau mit ihrem florierenden Kasino-Umsatz hat das US-Zockerparadies Las Vegas lange abgehängt.

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Bellagio Casino Heist / Robbery Footage In Las Vegas ...

The newly-released video shows a suspect, who is still on the run, walk into the casino in a disguise of glasses, a wig, a hat and a bandage across his face. If you are entertained by any of my videos please donate to help keep them coming 💰💵 No amount is too small...or too big😃 Paypal @ V... A man walked into the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas and stole $1.5 Million in chips. Ben Tracy reports. Police have arrested two people and are searching for a third suspect in the robbery of a Las Vegas casino where a bandit wearing a fedora and fake mustache grabbed $32,000 in gambling chips, then ... The Grifters continue their zany antics living free on the house's money....The Vegas Grifters Steal money coupons in a Las Casino heist with a hot blond Russian chic who is also an International spy. Nuevo man arrested Saturday night on suspicion of carrying out a bold heist at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino