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Ultimate Skin Contest (+ theme list)

I'm a big fan of the Skin Contest mode but most of them are using quite boring theme's and feel just lame. Added a special theme list at the end, it has some weird one's but its better than 'RED' or 'MOIRA' everytime. This version is the most advanced because the judge has many different options. If you have a good judge it's really fun because you can have a whole contest where not only the skin matters. In my version voice line, spray and emotes also can help you win the game. Each round can give points.
  1. Skin: pick a skin that fits the theme
  2. Voice Line Contest: when it's your turn use one line that fits the theme
  3. Spray: pick one spray that fits the theme
  4. Emote: show off your emotes
  5. Conversation: last 2 players make a conversation by using voice lines to eachother
Every round you can score points (judge crouch near). I usually give 3 points for a perfect fit, 2 points for a good one and 1 point if it's okay. Judge can deceide. If you don't receive enough points you'll be dead. This points show up in the HUD but are kinda imaginary and just helpful for determing a winner, so you don't have to use it at all.
CONTROLS: Put the judge in SLOT 11
Amusement Park - Wizard - Factory/Industry - Village - Television Star - Time Traveler - Religious - Mountain people - Nuclear Energy - Colosseum - Garden - Fairy Tale - Sleepy - Traders - Illuminati - Afterlife - Traveler - Guillotine - Cursed - Secret Agent - Sacrifice - Prison - World War 2 - Helicopter - Necromancy - Bounty Hunter - Cult - Preacher - Haunted Building - Alchemist - Kobolds - Dungeon - Dinosaurs - Silence - Mushrooms - Celestial - Traps - Guard - Miner - Hallucination - Shooting Stars - Spiritual Temple - Stone Statue - Blood Sucker - Tomb of Death - Tavern - Doomsday - Dyed Hair - Abuse of Power - Stuck in Tower - Muscular - Confetti - Welcome Home - Picnic - Dream - Nightmare - Promised Land - Nostalgia - Treasure Chest - Invisible - Fresh - Vitamin - Wild West - Communism - Potions - Fortune Teller - 420 Chill - Bear - Drunk Robot - Easter - Druid - Election - Mutant - Sushi - Relaxing - Crossing a dangerous road - Gem Stones - Portal - Aliens - Shadows - Fabulous - Crystal - Magical - Insect - Zombie - Tiki - Mayan - Fancy - Mummy - Sand/Desert - Dragon - Extinct - Spider - Godslayer - Love - Ancient - Troll - Medieval - Cave - Jewel - Rebel - Shield - Amulet - Hacker - Spikes - Olympus - Spear - Leather - Claws - Slime/Slimy - Monster Hunt - Fruit - Teacher - Rainy Day - Music - Twitch Streamer - 10 IQ - Thief - Escaped from the Zoo - Garbage - Medieval - Isolated - Book writer - Harry Potter - Pokemon - Yugioh - Test Subject - Earth/Fire/WateAir - Avatar - Magical Boots - Maiden - Rotting Corpse - Clouds - Pirate Ship - Hunting - Baron - Parallel Universe - Wormhole - Radioactive - Crashed spaceship - Cloning - Agriculture - Pandemic - Birds - Howling - Mystery Machine - Story Teller - Meteorites - Dreamcatcher - Defiant - Shaman - Witchdoctor - Rituals - Galactic Invader - Infernal/Volcanic - Jungle King - Battle Bard - Toxic - Stalker - Peace Keeper - Blood moon - Death Machine - Chocolate - Spa - New World Order - Before the Fall - Myth - Identity Crisis - Art - From the Underground - Miracle - Market - Chaos - Confusing - Online - Saviour of the World - Umbrella - Kitchen - Quest - Rainbow - Puzzle - Prophet - Castle - Legend - Citizen - Elite - Pharaoh - Ancestor - Knight - Emperor - Spirit - Monarch - Survivor - Fist Fight - Secret - Werewolf - Shopping - Gambler - Creator - Leader - Solar - Disabled - Error - Your Mum - Old Fashion - Iron/Gold/SilveMetal/CoppeWood - Esports - Mechanic - Engineer - Classic - Anime - Ninja - Dangerous - Firework - Life Saver - Flower - Galaxy - Government - Camouflage - Protector - Immortal - Poop - Ugly/Fat/Sad - Money - Casino - Restaurant - Farm - Drug Addict - Wedding - Apocalypse - Angel/Demon - Hell/Heaven - Biggest Weapon - Strongest Fists - Longest Legs - Biggest Head - Smallest Hands - Biggest Belly - Most beautiful eyes - Strongest Armor - Serial Killer - Futuristic - Who is a millionaire - Who is Edible - Who stinks the most - Best Mate in Zombie outbreak - Who wins with Mario Kart - Who can't swim - Karen - Obama - Trump - Who would die first in a war - Most beautiful Dress/Pants/Hat - AntiVaccine - Glowing - Date with (hero) - Interview with (hero) - Graveyard - Your loud neighbour
TEAM THEMES (Spawn the Team rings and find a partner):
Man+Wife - Fitness Couple - Father+Son - Mother+Daughter - Animal+Owner - Death+Life - Poor+Rich - Light+Night - City+Jungle - Ugly+Beauty - Indoor+Outdoor - Western+Eastern - Clean+Dirty - Killer+Victim - Professor+Expirement - King+Queen - Worst Enemies - Colour+Colour - Identical Twins - Friendzone - Dream+Nightmare

I hope you will enjoy a upgraded and extensive skin competition mode!

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My toughts about the newer Paper Mario game: TOK

Hello Mario fans! I just 100% Paper Mario: The Origami King after 5 days of intense playing and I'm here to share with you my toughts on that new game, before TOK I've only played Super Paper Mario for the Wii but have seen some videos about TTYD, SS and CS.
Before starting I'll warn you that this post will contain major spoilers and not the best english grammar out there.
The Story
The writing of the story is great! Not as good as SPM, but really good. Some parts are very emotional, like Bobby's death and the final scene, and some parts were very funny and made me laugh, there is a great balance and the build-up to the final battle with king Olly is very hyping. You'll discover that Olly's plan was to destroy all the Toads after his creator, a toad, wrote inside of him very kinds words, which Only toughts were ugly scribbles. After his death, Olivia wishes that all of her brother's origamis get unfolded, unluckily also Olivia was folded by his brother. Overall the story is very good as always in Paper Mario games.
The Battle System
People complained that there is no EXP, and the game is trash without it, I think that's not true, even without exp the game rewards you with lots of coins and confetti, which are really useful to buy all collectibles and fill holes to 100% the game. The battle in this game is also splitted in two phases, the puzzle and the combact, the puzzle might be boring at first, but it gets more and more challenging in late game, the game also encourages you to complete it by giving you more coins. The actual battle however isn't that challenging, you choose the weapon, you choose the target and that's it, the only thing you can do is choose beetween the different boots and hammers or use objects, luckily boots and hammers don't break after a single use. In the puzzle phase you can ask help to Olivia, by pressing X, or get more time by pressing +,or even ask help to toads by pressing Y and giving coins, I personally used the toad feature just 4-5 times but it can be useful if you can't solve a puzzle and are willing to give 100/130 of your coins.
You could choose to skip battles, but I found that 80% of the battles are basically scripted by the game and you have to do them to proceed, and the running away feature rarely works, so yeah...
You can buy accessories from shops, the first 3 types are used in battles, to get more HPs, defense, or time (all of them are very useful), then there are the bells accessories, which I abused to 100% the game (Some ? blocks were placed in very strange places and I had to use the bell to find them) and the last category has aesthetics stuff (like confetti turning into petals and sounds turning in SMB sounds) and QoL improving stuff, in general I found all of the accesories useful, unfortunatly there isn't really much customization in TOK, but it wasn't really a problem for me.
Partners are back! Even if they're temporary, they are all great partners, especially Bobby (RIP) which was a big part of the story and also used in combact, they can't be controlled, and only Professor Toad has special overworld abilities, but they're ok.
Many people got upset that we got bosses like Tape and Coloured Pencils, but I think they're awesome bosses for a game that is now about paper mechanics, the boss battles are interesting, all of the bosses have different personalities and different playstyles, and it's so satisfying when you use the 1000-folds arms to finish them of. The only downsides for me were the water and fire vellumentals, both of them were tedious and boring, but asied of that, nice bosses! (Tape for smash)
The graphic of TOK is the best in the series in my opinion, very similar to CS. The design of the worlds is also well done and all of the characters have their own personality, this time because Bowser isn't a villain, we can have his minions as NPC to get more variety.
It's Paper Mario, do I really need to say that the music is phenomenal? I liked every single one of them, and the idea of putting the same battle music remixed for every world is great! Paper Mario is the only series when you can battle big shyguys wearing tutus with a punk swan lake music!
Every single world was great, there is the ground themed world, an autumn mountain with a river to guides you to a Ninja theme park, a desert with a big city with casino-vibes and a buried tomb with a disco, a big sea with lots of islands and a mountain inside a giant cube underwater, a spa on the clouds with bowsers castle and a volcano with a giant refolded Peach's Castle. In my opinion the 5th world disappointed me a bit because it felt a bit too small and empty, but it was my favourite nontheless, the fact that they're all linked is also cool to travel, with the inclusion of world pipes, fax-teleportation and the cableway it was very easy to get to the places fast to get every collectible.
There are a lot of collectibles, the museum keeps all of the automatically and it's very useful to know what you need to get, the menu also has a complete lists of the toads collected, the holes filled, the ? blocks hit and the collectibles acquired (also, the number 69 is a desert tower with a fallic shape found next to a bed...) it wasn't easy to get them all, but it was fun, when you 100% the game you also get a secret ending and a fun dialogue with the toad in the museum.
Give this game a shot, if you liked Paper Mario only because of the RPG... don't... but if you liked CS you'll definitely love TOK, great story, design, music, bosses... My playtime to finish the story was like 20 hours and another 10 hours to get 100%, definitely recommend it. Don't trust people that say that this game is trash because iT'S nOt tTyD 2!!1!!!
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[Let's Build] d100 Strange Shops

Maybe magical, extraplanar, or just unusual. Comment and I'll add yours to the list :)

  1. Imp Imporium - This store is small and boxy, and entirely made of redwood. A tall devil stands behind the counter wearing a suit and tie, and imps are chained to the walls. He offers you the services of one of his imps for a small price- the rights to the imp's memories of what they did when you're done. He requires a much larger material collateral for if you don't return the imp or it dies/is irreparably maimed in your service.
  2. Coagulation Station - A seemingly normal (if ugly) old woman runs this roadside popup store. It is nothing more than a cart with a sign next to it reading "Coagulation Station" painted roughly in red over a lime background. She offers healing supplies, potions, and rations in return for a small vial of your blood. (Feel free to come up with consequences for buying from her, such as her being a hag or using it for a strange ritual, etc.)
  3. Elemental Extras - An air, earth, fire and water elemental stand in the four corners of this (entirely brick) shop. Unfortunately, the "shopkeepers" only speak primordial, so good luck if you don't. They each offer to put special elemental effects on whatever you own, such as a fire effect on your sword, an ice effect on your armor to freeze whatever hits you, or an earth effect on an arrow to have surrounding dirt swallow whoever it hits. Everything here is understandably very expensive.
  4. Vraug aks stor - A very tall, older orc hero enthusiastically tries to sell his weapons in this shop in order to retire. They're hung up on the walls, all showing varying signs of use. Some appear to be magical. Vraug also tries to tell his customers stories about each weapon before they buy (and especially before they ask.) The weapon most prominently displayed is a +4 Great Axe, with obsidian blades, a dragon-scale tip on the end and golden threads running down the handle. There are a few chinks in it, and the tip somehow has a dent in it, but the damage only seems to add to the charm. He charges an extraordinary price for this axe.
  5. Angel Bazaar - Apparently recently the churches haven't been generating enough coin to keep the local deity fiscally afloat, and some angels have taken it upon themselves to raise that extra money. Some are selling more regular items for cheaper prices, such as healing items, some are selling more extravagant magical items, and even others are offering "miracles." They're all set up in a series of stands in a small square that you swear wasn't here before.
  6. Betsie's Black Cauldron- everything is black, especially Betsie. From black oak ethanol to black licorice she has ingredients and potions unique to her gimmick. u/LateLolth96
  7. The Fleeting Flyer's Fast Findings- if the item floats, flies, or is otherwise airborne this shop might have it. Limited time only and has (randomized) a rare three uncommons and six commons but the more you travel the more likely you are to come across it because it's on a one man spell jammer with two carnival cars behind it. u/LateLolth96
  8. The Kyuss Kasino- a worm themed casino where the main attraction is the purple tunnel which is a purple worm in a metal harness designed to prevent it from moving and to keep its mouth open. The wager, and incidentally, the show is if you can make it out the other end alive you [win]. There are scrying orbs that display a live feed of the current "adventurer" in the worm for 5 silver lasting 30 min before the next five silver (no refunds). Quest hook? u/LateLolth96
  9. Djinni Gin Jamboree- a once a month festival celebrating a moon cycle of the dm's choosing. Marids sell their distilled saliva as well as various forms of never-before-seen-by-man fish dishes, and water elementals play live music which more or less sounds like the rhythmic gurgling of a muddy brook. u/LateLolth96
  10. The Crossroads Corridor - An invite only shop, given to adventures who have a number of their own magical items. When the invitation is slid under any closed doorway, said doorway will become the doorway to the shop. Operated by The Masked Man, it is a magical item shop that trades magical items for magical items of similar value. Leaving will exit out the door you originally put the invitation under. u/Hacknslaasher
  11. Bottom's Bottomless Meatpies - It's cheap, delicious (although a bit gamey and hard to chew) and the servings are enormous. The shop is run by an old goblin with an enormous smile, his name is Toothy Bottom, less so because of his bum, and more so because of a secret that he isn't telling any one, the secret that has made his Meatpie-shop the most well visited in the entire area, at least by those not able to afford fine dining in the upper districts.For you see, underneath this humble shopped, staffed every hour of every day with more goblins than you can count on one hand, or two hands if you have taken ABM (Advanced Barbarian Maths), lies a large, cavernous mining operation.You enter it through a set of large trap-doors found in the cold-store basement where you find the literal wheelbarrows of meat that allow every customer to order however much meat they want in (or on) their pies, as long as the Goblins can lift it up to the counter (the largest order so far was, according to the Goblins managing the front of the house, "the weight of a small baby wrapped in a nasty hunting dog." they have made no comment as to how they know that specific measurement).Once you are through the trap-doors, you'll find a rail-system rivaling that of the largest Dwarven mines, with rail-master goblins timing and directing all the in- and out- going traffic, and every cart that comes in is absolutely and utterly loaded with meat, which is then loaded on wheelbarrows and carted up through the trapdoor.If you were to follow the rails as deep as they go, through all of the winding tunnels, across chasms, past various cave-dwelling monsters that try to snack on the meat or goblins or, well, you, then you'll eventually find yourself at the namesake of mr. Toothy Bottom.A large, mass of rock-hard skin, covered in spines and horns and other sharp shapes, it has been split open, and the dark flesh underneath is mined ceaselessly by a small army of Goblins. They aren't violent, in fact, they are quite cowardly, but they are as professional as any Goblin can be, and they are also fighting a continuous fight against the flesh with their pickaxes.For you see, the open wound is constantly trying to close itself, regenerating at a blinding speed that the Goblins have learned to keep up with after opening the wound large enough to allow for their massive excavation progress.This may be the toothy bottom of the pits and chasms.But it is also a small area of the sleeping Tarrasque, regenerating fast enough that it does not notice the harm being done to it, and with a large enough Goblin Workforce to drive the economy of what is, essentially, a small Goblin Kingdom in these tunnels, complete with blacksmiths making new Meat-axes and monster-hide-leathercrafters making workboots and pants for the Goblins working down in that caustic blood.And let's not forget, that the entire lower class of the city has eaten Tarrasque meat at least once, some of them for years.But it's only two silver pieces for as much pie as you want (or can carry), so who cares to ask where it's all coming from? u/Neknoh
  12. Sarah’s sewing shop, “World class Seamstress.” - She means world class! She can repair even magical fabric to like new condition. Everything she makes alterations to gives them a +1 to charisma for 24hrs or until dirtied. Bonus returns after being thoroughly washed and dried (some items are dry clean only)She’s also a dry cleaners. u/rab-byte
  13. The Philosopher’s Time Shop - Sundials, watches, windup clocks, candle clocks, hourglasses the size of mites up to the size of your average goliath, the Philosopher has a range to suit almost any buyer in need of a way to measure time. Be careful, the hours you spend there fly away like seconds! u/ElZoof
  14. Oakshot Saddliery - Gwinnett Oakshot caters to a select clientele, those looking for clothes, armour, weapons and equipment specifically designed to suit those who spend at least part of their days in a different body shape. Minor magic at most, it’s mostly just very well designed to suit your Druid on the go or werebeing out for a night on the town. u/ElZoof
  15. Jasper, Goldhand, Bloodstrangler and Smith - What does “‘til death us do part” mean if your wife is now a lich? Does a lifetime guarantee still stand if the object in question broke before the manufacturers were born? What exactly is an annuity? The firm of JGB&S is on hand to assist with non-devilish contracts of any kind. u/ElZoof
  16. Morogh's "Pet's" - This pet shelter is run by an older halfling named Morogh. He's kindhearted and only wants the best for his little animal companions he sells. From apes over hawks to wolfs, he just has every animal companion you could think of, but his store also has a back area. Not everyone is welcomed there as he also sells abandoned monster hatchlings, like griffons, owlbears, pseudodragons and even a red dragon wyrmling. Those monsters are all tamed so no danger there, Morogh just wants to know his customers better before trying to sell one of his more 'exotic' assets.The adventurers maybe can persuade him or do a favor for him (possible quest), like acquiring some exotic food for the more demanding beasts and monsters he houses. After this Morogh decides to sell them one of his monsters as a companion. u/Th3Banzaii
  17. Plane Ole' Butcher - A butcher shop that sells meat from an unknown plane of origin. One day a small portal opened up from the ground and strange-smelling exotic meats have been extruding from the portal. A shop was built around the portal which has been active and pumping for 50 years. People come to see the wonder firsthand but they stay for the dirt-cheap meats. The meats are char-grilled and heavily spiced to soften the meat's naturally pungent flavor. u/HeyShipmate
  18. Looters Late Return (aka LooLaRe)- A seedy smelling store run by an androgynous goblin who wears overly fancy clothes. This goblin sells in bulk only, and at discounted prices. The catch is that if you make a purchase, you must sign a contract guaranteeing repeated weekly purchases. Your bulk discount increases the more product you are able to move, but if you are unable to maintain your weekly purchases, the goblin’s secret network of enforcers comes for it’s dues. Or your life. u/pikkl_rikk
  19. Sandman Fisheries - This tightly packed stall smells or marine air and salty nets. It has all the sea can offer to the gourmet with a striking emphasis on huge fish: tuna, spadefish, and the occasional gargantuan squid. The product is impeccably fresh. Always. Sandman (a desert dweller and camel race aficionado) doesn't seem to understand what you're asking about the supply chain and how come his shop ever exists at hundred of miles from the nearest sea! u/Banuken
  20. T'zargo's fine wares - This shop can be mysteriously seen in any plane, but always appears as an identical modern convenience store looking building. Inside is a tabaxi named T'zargo, always advertising his "fine wares at reasonable prices." He sells extremely rare and powerful items for millions of gold, along with random everyday items. Some of these rare items include an axe once wielded by Baphomet, and draws from a deck of many things. His mundane items he always pulls out of a box on his counter, and they include a full rowboat and 30 chairs. u/Kellen1013
  21. The Magic Commoner - A basic magic item shop owned by a young elf wizard named Tavon Ilidan. He sells all sorts of magical things from armor to weapons and rings an such.The thing about his shop even though on the outside it looked like a regular building despite being one solid color; purple, orange, green ect. But when you walk inside it's much larger than its outward appearance.The shop also travels via a magical door. Tavon has a set of different keys he keeps with him representing the different cities of the land/world. He first closes the front door, locks it, then unlocks it with a new city key and when he opens it, it opens to the new city.Tavon's appearance reflects on which city he is in and what color his shop is. If is shop is blue his robes are blue as well. Tavon also has a secret. Even though he looks like a young elf he is actually an ancient gold dragon that simply likes to travel and meet new people without the stigma of being a dragon. He likes to play tricks on people and test them to see if they are worthy of specific items in his shop, (IE a wand of fireballs he made himself.) u/nota_person
  22. Mallard Maladies - A veterinary clinic for ducks. The shop keeper is an old blind man who refuses to heal non duck creatures, but can be tricked into healing non ducks with a high enough deception ability. Despite the name, the clinic services male and female ducks. u/El_Jewbacabra
  23. The Exploding Wand Shop- A shop that is characterized by an explosion that lifts the roof of the building off the walls and expelled black smoke every few hours - followed by the owner shouting from inside "I'M FINE, EVERYTHING'S OKAY!"The owner is a young Eladrin Artificer named Seyf Melorathian who experiments on new wands and other magical wonders. His face is a black charcoal from the soot of the explosions but otherwise would be a light brown. He has a pair of glasses that protects his eyes from being covered in soot. He has blond hair and wears a Smith's apron. He sells common rarity wands, up to rare rarity wonderous items, and has been working on an experimental wand of fireballs. You can only purchase an experimental wand if you do a material gathering quest for him.If you buy one of his wand of fireballs (2000gp and a waiver signed to not sue) there's a 10% chance that when used the wand will cast a second fireball centered on you during the spell.He also offers enchanting services at various speeds depending on the rarity of the requested enchantment. He will also willingly take on apprentices or teach enchantment to anyone. u/xBramStokerx
  24. Fishman’s Man Fry – A Triton, named Vamras Vogalath, with broken Common serves delectable seafood dishes. If asked about the name, he explains that it is food FOR men, not for fishes.Side note- this is shop is not anywhere near any large body of water. Nobody in town is sure exactly where the fish come from. u/Unprincipled
  25. Shwarma Tent - delicious herb infused fried flatbread with cured meats and shredded carrot and cucumber. The tent has small tripod tables and stools of worn wood. Patrons carve their names and other messages into the tabletops. Among the mundane names can be found the names of previous characters and NPCs that the party met, BBEGs they defeated, dated long ago, the current ruler of the land and the name of an old lover with a heart around it, Ash Ketchum, Drizzt, The Doctor, and the original Avengers. Searching carefully can also reveal a cryptic message to the party, seemingly carved years prior, but naming the PCs. u/bluecor
  26. Threads of Fate - three old sisters weave spidersilk and mundane silk into beautiful garments with embroidery that sometimes changes its image. For instance, a nightrobe has the moon and a starry sky embroidered, and the moon changes its phase with the real moon. On another, a dragon slowly chases its own tail, with its wingtips pointing to the time, as a clock. Yet another displays an hourglass which constantly drains, and runs out when the wearer dies. Other images might show great moving battles, gently waving flags that slowly fade and dilapidate as the empire becomes more corrupt, or ruins that become progressively overgrown with vines. The theme of the garments deal with the passage of time and the inevitable end of life. u/bluecor
  27. Salty's - the owner Saltamancia sells salt of differing coarseness and colors, and is an expert on which textures best compliment which purposes, from baking fine rolls to soaking one's feet after a days march. He has certain rare salts from distant lands with rare properties. For abjuring circles, he has a blessed salt that cannot be dispersed by gusts of wind. For healing, he has a fine blue salt that, when mixed with honey and packed into a wound, prevents infection and scarring. Another salt taken with hot peppermint tea can remove an additional level of exhaustion with a rest. True to his name, Saltamancia is old and curmudgeonly u/bluecor
  28. Bestboots - Bestboots sells custom footwear of exceeding quality, made from rare materials. The footwear can be light for nimble moves or heavy for kicking doors. With the right materials (possibly a quest) minor advantages can be built into the footwear. For example, a sole of felted yeti hair can give normal traction on ice, and a sole of gummed soapwood sap can allow the wearer to ignore a casting of grease underfoot. u/bluecor
  29. Hap's Microbrews - Hap claims to have perfected the means of beer portability, in that his brews are bottled and sealed under pressure in containers of lightweight spun cellulose which dont shatter when dropped. Opening his bottled beer releases a small localized burst of cold, chilling the beer just shy of freezing. The locals generally ignore his cart and "ice cold beer" sign, as ales are meant to be drunk at room temperature so that they don't unsettle the stomach. A discouraged Hap sits by his cart of beer bemoaning his own foolishness at sinking his fortune into such a folly. u/bluecor
  30. Indelible - this quiet dusty alcove sells the magical inks, parchment, paper, vellum, papyrus, and delicate quills needed to prepare arcane and divine scrolls. Also sketch artistry, heraldry, and calligraphy supplies. Blank spellbooks, charcoal, pastels, and a few unique items are sold. Glowing chalk leaves marks that remain luminous for several hours. A special lightly waxed paper is waterproof and can be written on underwater with a special pencil. A waterproof scrollcase holds six tightly rolled papers in individual tubes, designed so you can immediately draw out the scroll you desire without searching through a sheaf of papers. The proprietor Abagnale is a gifted forger, and can make needed documents for the right fee, but only those skilled in thieve's cant would be able to recognize this based on a small glyph carved above the lintel. u/bluecor
  31. The Magical Arts - this is a totally mundane shop which sells shaved and marked decks of cards, scarves for pulling from your sleeves, salted nuts cans that shoot a confetti burst when opened, squirting lapel flowers, palm buzzers, chewing gum that turns your teeth black, whoopie cushions, and stink spray. The guy working there isn't the owner, but is happy to teach you how to use his goods. While distracting you with a card trick, he will also attempt to shortchange you or pickpocket something (minus 4 to notice his ledgerdemain). If caught, he will only say "check your pocket" and there you will find the item you thought he pickpocketed. "Its all part of the trick, man," he will say, as he pulls a coin from your ear. u/bluecor
  32. The Bee's Knees - honey from different types of flowers with exceptional flavors. Meads of each type are also sold, as well as bee pollen and honey candies. A honey from frostclover will quickly dispell a hangover. Phasebee royal jelly can allow an additional use of misty step for a character with that feature, but the cost is exorbitant. The affogatto with honeycomb, coffee, and ice cream is delicious, and gives the benefits of a short rest when consumed in the shop over the course of an hour. u/bluecor
  33. Wacky Backy - Mr. C. Marin runs this fine tobacconist. House blends of pipe and cigarette tobacco can have classic Gandolf effects: controllable luminous smoke rings of various colors, and custom flavors and scents. The halfling weed is also sold. A self-lighting pipe is available, as well as a "peace pipe," which is a heavy iron pipe useable as a club (but you can also smoke out of it). Mr. Marin can craft custom peace pipes of nearly any light weapon. u/bluecor
  34. Wild Bill's Skins - Bill buys and sells tanned and untanned hides of all types. All. Types. Bill can craft armor and other leather goods from nearly any type of hide. Custom saddles can be made for any beast. A saddle on display is embossed "ride me hard and put me away wet." It isn't for sale, and it looks like it would fit Bill. He can craft a skin-tight custom leather armor that is concealable under clothing, but the customer must go into the back of the shop for a very long and invasive fitting. Rumor has it that some customers never emerge. u/bluecor
  35. Yellow Dancer - This is a musical instrument store run by a purple-haired elf named Lancer who was a freedom fighter in the past. His sister, Yellow Dancer herself, a famous concert performer who is a recognized star, is sometimes there in his place. Instruments of high quality and beginner pieces are sold. On commission, Lancer can craft an instrument which contains a secret sheath for a hidden weapon or wand. Also sold is "the Axe," a battleaxe/guitar combo, with a magical property of sound amplification that allows it to be heard in the largest venue, and allows for unique distortion effects. At DM Option, the Axe can also be used for ranged sonic attacks, mimicking the effects of Eldritch Blast. u/bluecor
  36. The Titty Twister: an adult entertainment venue, mostly for merchants and caravan guards. A goblin barker in a tophat and coattails out front gives a spirited pitch about the feminine wonders to be found within. Inside is a seedy establishment styled to look like an ancient temple. Billiards and darts games line the walls, and a poker game is playing out at a table near the center. Its a rough crowd, and fights that break out are settled with the loser being dragged away by the bouncers and the winner buying a round for the house. Beautiful dancers take turns on stage and mingle with clients between songs. Private shows are available. During the day the massive door is barred and the place is eerily silent, but from dusk til dawn raucous action is there for the taking. Locals stay well clear and pray for protection if they must pass near this den of sin. u/bluecor
  37. The Campus Martius: This strange storefront is a place for games of strategy, including draughts and card games, as well as sandtable war strategy matches involving miniature army figurines, played out with dice and measuring sticks. Arguments over rules are common, and are arbitrated by a robed and wigged judge on a low dias at one end, who often consults an enormous tome of rules which only he is allowed to read from. 1sp per game, per player, but by convention, the loser pays the fees of his opponents. A sweet green drink called mountain brew is popular here. It enhances focus, adding +1 to concentration saves for an hour, but leaves one tired, -1 to all saves for an hour thereafter. u/bluecor
  38. Millenium Sustainable Armory: run by an elvish druid, Millenium sells "murder free" armor made from silk, giant leaves, sustainably harvested ironwood and similar materials. The armor otherwise has the properties of normal light and medium armors, but contains no leather, bone, or metal. Cost is about double. Heavy armor is not available. The leaves making up the armor do not wilt or turn brown. u/bluecor
  39. The Meat Market: run by a shadowy figure in torn robes, this odd shop gives permanent magical effects in exchange for body parts. The more important the organ or body part, the better the effect. The effect goes to whoever the part comes from, so don’t get greedy! Wonder where the parts are going... u/CephaloPawd
  40. Fernado's Fish Frenzy - in a village where magic and fishing collide, you might run into a man who can be at multiple places at a time, Fernado. He is a mystical fisherman who sets up booths in town squares, where the fish fight to the death in gladiator-style combat. The loser, is placed on his selling slab and the victor becomes larger in size. He has a 'leaderboard' that updates magically after every battle, accounting for all of the places Fernado is at in your world. u/BEZERK0xD
  41. A rickety old shop plastered with the title of some famous adventuring party / adventurer on it. The entire shop is run by a near delusional fan of the party/individual, and sells merchandise about them, as well as weirdly specific information that you aren't sure how they know. (If your party is famous enough, the store might be dedicated to them) u/bladeraptor3
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Booking AEW Double or Nothing Part 2

Four Corner Survival Match: Kylie Rae vs. Nyla Rose vs. Allie vs. Savannah Evans
So Kylie Rae is basically the most likable person in the world if your unaware. She’s like Bayley in NXT but even more lovable. She’s so nice and it will take a snap of a finger to get her over. She’s basically the ultimate underdog and that’s the role I’d have her play here.
Nyla Rose is the first Transgender Woman to be signed to a major wrestling company so that’s a good start. She’s quite a big woman making her pretty power based offense but she can also strike pretty well. Nyla would look like she plays some monster character ( like every big woman ) but she acts like a pretty normal person out of the ring and can get over easily. I also think she wears a tiara on the way to the ring and even in the ring, so that’s cool.
Allie is an Impact Knockout and has had a pretty good year. She kicked it off by being brainwashed by the undead bride Su Yung and becoming ”Dark Allie” which was kinda like Hot Mess Chelsea Green just a bit darker. She feuded with Kiera Hogan and they had some pretty good matches. Allie recently signed and is set to face Brandi Rhodes at Fight for the Fallen. However we think Allie will be a big name so we’ve decided to put her in a spot in this high profile match.
Savannah Evans is relatively unknown, but don’t worry, she’s fucking fantastic. Savannah Evans is a rising women’s star, coming from the George South Wrestling School ( George South was a underrated wrestler back in his time during the 70’s and 80’s ). She is versatile in the way she can be sweet, nice, vicious, she’s got it all. She can cut a good promo, wrestle a decent match and cuts a good figure. She’s had good matches in the past with women like Kiera Hogan so she will fit in good in AEW.
Now onto the build. I’d keep Kylie Rae and Nyla Rose thing the same at the rally with Nyla calling out Rae. Brandi announces that the return of the Four-Corner Survival will take place at Double or Nothing and the first two women announced for the match will be Kylie Rae and Nyla Rose! The third and fourth woman to compete would be revealed over the coming weeks.
Savannah Evans and Brandi Rhodes have an interview where Brandi says that Savannah is likely going to be in the match, however we’re also in talks with Kiera Hogan so she might not make the final cut. Kiera Hogan is then said by Brandi to be more likely to appear at the show than Savannah the next week which Annoys Savannah. So at an Indy Event a hooded and masked Savannah Evans runs in on a match of Kiera Hogan’s! Savannah gives her a Powerbomb onto the ring apron, effectively putting her out of the match at Double or Nothing. Brandi in another segment is very annoyed at Savannah for doing this but Savannah denies all claims saying it wasn’t her and someone else. Brandi reluctancy gives the match place to Savannah Evans as she has no other option.
Then Allie is confirmed for the match by Brandi Rhodes and is made Brandi’s official endorsement for the match. Allie says that she knows Savannah was the one who attacked Kiera and she will fight on behalf of her friend Kiera Hogan at Double or Nothing. That Su Yung may have turned her against Kiera but now that Su is out of her life, she’s back to normal and knows what to do. Kiera Hogan also makes a few appearances saying the same thing as Allie. Kiera says even though she won’t be wrestling she promises to show up. Allie and Savannah’s feud is the main build to this match while Nyla is shown just being a badass and Kylie being the lovable underdog.
Now onto the match. Allie would start off immediately targeting Savannah Evans, going ham on her with strikes. Kylie Rae and Nyla Rose also start to attack Savannah Evans, Evans is thrown over the top ropes immediately by the 3 women and they all start to fight. Nyla Rose and Kylie Rae go at it, Kylie uses speed to dodge a lot of Nyla’s attacks. The three women all get their shit in, Kylie hitting a Flying Head Scissors to Nyla Rose, sending Rose Flying with a Crossbody into Allie. Allie hitting a Exploder Suplex to Kylie Rae, having Rae fly into Nyla Rose. And finally Nyla Rose coming down from the top rope with a big Double Axe Handle. Nyla goes to cover Kylie, 1...2...Savannah Evans breaks it up. Savannah lays down stomps onto Nyla. She sends Nyla crashing into the corner then a big splash onto her. Savannah then jumps from the middle ropes with a Elbow Strike to Allie, however Allie catches the Elbow! Savannah pleads, But Allie hooks her under, Backbreaker! Allie takes Savannah to the outside, Allie starts to hit a bunch of chops to the chest of Savannah as the crowd yell ”Woo” every shot. Savannah counters one of the chops and throws Allie into the ring steps. But Allie is one step ahead and vault jumps onto the ring steps then comes down with a big Moonsault. Then Kylie Rae hits a Suicide Dive to the two woman! Finally Nyla Rose comes crashing down from the top ropes with a Crossbody!!!
All four woman continue the fight in the ring, keeping that fast paced energy going, Nyla tosses Savannah into the corner but Savannah jumps onto he middle ropes and comes down with a Knee Strike! Kylie Rae comes down hitting a diving Arm Drag to Allie! followed by a Hip Toss! Followed by Dropkick! Kylie goes for a Superkick, but Allie ducks hit and spins Kylie around so the Superkick that was supposed to hit her actually hits Savannah Evans! Then Allie comes up from behind and hits a Backstabber to Kylie Rae, 1...2...Nyla Rose breaks it up with an Elbow Drop from the middle rope!
Kiera Hogan runs down to start cheering Allie on. Savannah Evans isn’t too pleased about that, and again tries to Powerbomb her onto the ring apron, but Allie comes in with a Baseball Slide to Savannah, stopping the attack. Savannah then goes ballistic on Allie, while Kiera is forced to watch. Eventually Kiera can’t take anything no more she runs into the ring as the crowd go wild. Kiera stares at Evans as Evans cockly taunts her, but turns out Kiera Hogan is perfectly fine to fight! She rips off her shoulder brace and starts to beat up on Savannah Evans. Kylie Rae, Allie and Nyla Rose all hold up Savannah in the air, then Kiera comes crashing down from the top ropes into the big crowd!
Finally at the end of the match, all woman battered, Allie hits The Best Superkick Ever, followed by the Codebreaker, 1...2...3!!!!! Kiera Hogan’s runs down and celebrates with Allie. However after the match Savanna Evans attacks both woman, she teases the Powerbomb again but Kiera gets out to fit. Allie and Kiera walk to the back both battered and furious at Savannah.
Tag Team Match: Best Friends vs. Private Party
Alright. Private Party have already been signed by AEW and are fucking phenomenal. Think of Rich Swann or Shane Strickland as a Tag Team and you get Private Party. Two highly charismatic and entertaining dudes who can do flips for days. Individually known as Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy, in real life they’re competing in the Casino Battle Royale. But we think they deserve their own match against none other than Best Friends, Chuckie T and Trent Beretta.
I’d have Best Friends do the same thing complaining about no Tag team competition around here. They’ve got two dancers of the Young Bucks and some luchadors of Lucha Bros as the biggest names but those are both just some jabronis. Best Friends deserve a Tag Match at Double or Nothing. Private Party challenge them to a match and Best Friends accept thinking it’ll be just a walk in the park. Boy are they wrong.
In the build they constantly refer to Private Party as ”Comedy Dancers” and even do a segment imitating them. The idea of Chuckie T dressing up as some urban dance man gives me life. Private Party then of a segment pretending to be Best Friends, dressing in double denim and pretending to a promo to hype the match. Kassidy pretending to be Beretta busts out some lines like ”I faced Kenny Omega ( he says about 10 times )” ”I was in WWE one time” and many others. These segments would make some great comedy I Believe.
Now onto the match. Isiah wants Beretta to start the match but Beretta doesn’t let him and instead Chuckie starts off. Chuckie and Isiah lock up to start the match but Chuckie pushes Isiah to the ground. Isiah runs at Chuckie for an attack but Chuck scoops him up and slams him to the mat. He works the leg of Isiah, wrenching and screwing at it. Isiah flips out of it and uses the wrench on his arm to take Chuck to the ground with his own submission. Chuck manages to get the Tag on Beretta and Beretta immediately strikes the head of Isiah with a gut-wrenching Knee Strike.
Isiah then pulls out some aerial offense, bouncing around Beretta. Isiah jumps off of the middle rope, onto the top rope, to the other side of the top rope, and jumps down, BUT BERETTA COUNTERS WITH A RUNNING KNEE MID AIR!!! 1...2....CHUCKIE BREAKS IT UP! Kassidy tags in Quen but Quen is shit down by Beretta. Quen goes for a Diving Clothesline But Beretta counters into an Unprettier! Beretta hits a Backbreaker, Slingshot, Codebreaker, Famouser, he busts out all of the offense, but out of nowhere Quen gets a Tag in to Kassidy. And may the flippy shit commence.
Moonsaults, Shooting Star Press, Suicide Dive, Senton, 450, Plancha, everything is brought out. Chuck Holds Quen in place for Beretta to come down with a Dropkick, But Kassidy pulls Trent out of the ring and instead hits a Shooting Star Press to Chuckie T! Quen and Kassidy each to separate corners and coming crashing down with respective 450 Splashes to both Beretta and Chuck Taylor, 1....2....KICK OUT!! The two men kicked out and start to fight back. Chuck Taylor counters a Hurricanerana into a Facebuster and Beretta comes crashing down with a Leg Drop! 1....2....KICK OUT!!!!! Kassidy springboards into the ring with a Diving Bulldog! He holds Chuck in position and Quen lines up an attack. BUT BERETTA HITS A SPEAR MIDAIR TO A DIVING MARQ QUEN!!!! Chuck hits Isiah with a Frankensteiner! Beretta cover him, 1....2....3!!!!! Beretta and Chuck both celebrate having won, but help Orivate Party up to the feet and celebrate with them. They shake hands and congratulate each other then they each put their hand in the middle and yell ”BEST FRIENDS!” As do the crowd.
Hardcore Match: Joey Janela vs Teddy Hart
Build: The build for the match is pretty simple, Joey Janela is known for his hardcore and exciting style. So here he is throwing out a challenge for someone to answer, a Double Or Nothing Street Fight to be specific. After weeks of not getting an answer and him approaching everyone. He is eventually accepted by none other than Teddy Hart. And the match is set. These two men will go to war in Las Vegas.
Match: This match us crazy and chaos ensues very quickly after the bell has rung. We see some big spots such as Janela hitting a Piledriver through a table set up on the outside. A Senton from atop a ladder. Teddy Hart hits a massive Springboard Moonsault on Janela and almost picks up the win after a Belly to Back Pieldriver. But eventually after a Package Neckbreaker onto a pile of Lego that was set up earlier in the match, Janela gets the cover and wins the match.
Singles Match: Cody vs Dustin Rhodes
I wouldn’t change the build for this match because I like how Cody and Dustin have been building it up on Road to DoN.
This match is jam packed with an emotional story and the spectacle of seeing these two brothers finally have a match, something many fans wanted to happen at Wrestlemania back in the day. But now it’s happening here, at Double or Nothing, not even affiliated with WWE in the slightest.
The bell rings and both men lock up, Dustin gets the control to begin the match, shows that his training has been paying off as he looks better than ever. throughout the match he proves that he can still go, with Dustin hitting the Final Cut he goes for the cover. And Cody just gets the shoulder up at 2.5, Cody also gets a good amount of offence in, hitting the Beautiful Disaster. he follows that up with an Alabama Slam and the covers Dustin, however Dustin kicks out. Cody then tries for the Cross Rhodes but Dustin counters. After some more back and forth action, Dustin manages to get Cody in position for the Shattered Dreams, but Cody manages to get out the way. Cody hits a Cross Rhodes and goes for the cover, but once again Dustin once again just barely gets his shoulder up. Both men are exhausted at this point, Cody is leaning against the turnbuckle and Dustin is in front of him on his knees. He gestures for Cody to finish him off, he asks for Cody to give him his best shot, Cody picks him up and hits his own finisher on him, the Final Cut. Before picking him up and hitting him with a second Cross Rhodes for the exclamation point. He covers Dustin and gets the 3 count this time to win.
After the match Cody is celebrating and Dustin begins to stir, after some contemplation, Cody offers his hand to his brother, who takes his hand and Cody helps him up, they share a look and give eachother a respectful nod, before finally hugging one another, putting the issues behind them. Giving Dustin one great last match, and Cody going off on this new venture with AEW.
Singles Match - Tenille Dashwood vs. Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.
Tenille was recently released by ROH which was fucking stupid. I mean ROH’s Women’s Division is pretty shit but Tenille deserved a lot better. The former Emma is one of the best going and she could easily be a big star in AEW. I believe the best opponent for her would be Britt Baker. Firstly the two would have amazing chemistry and could build a good feud. The story of the badass Tenille trying to take on arguably the most proven and best female on the roster in Britt Baker.
Britt is three things. #1 being that she already worked All-In were she had a impressive performance and even came out to her IRL boyfriend Adam Cole’s theme song. #2 a very good women’s wrestler, being the first woman other than Brandi Rhodes to sign to AEW and #3 being a dentist. Yes, a dentist. She comes out to a lab coat and is called ”Dr. Britt Baker” for a reason. Britt’s story of having to prove herself as a wrestler while also going to college and studying being a dentist and the struggles of that are very interesting to me and I believe that it would make for some entertaining stuff.
Tenille plays that Britt got big just off of being a dentist and dating Adam Cole. As a great woman once said, talent isn’t sexually transmitted. While Tenille had to push and push through shit to get her way to the top. Scratching and clawing through gimmicks like waving her arms around, being a supermodel, using hashtags and more shit until finally making it big and the fact and fucking dentist is more credible than her is sicking and she will prove why she is the best women’s wrestler at AEW Double or Nothing.
The match itself is going to be good. While the Four-Corner Match was quite a Spotfest, this match would be more technical. Tenille starts off locking up with Britt. They exchange submissions and restholds as the crowd hype and build it up more and more. Tenille starts to attack with some knee strikes, the crowd chant clapping every time she connects one. She goes for one final running knee but Britt takes her to the mat and connects with a Stomp to the back of Tenille! Tenille fights back and connects with a Basement Dropkick to Britt. They go to the outside and brawl out there. Britt scoops the legs of Tenille from under her legs and comes down with a Lou Thesz Press. Tenille rolls into the ring and gives Britt a Butterfly Suplex!
Britt starts to get a bit hot headed, trying to take out Tenille. For all her efforts though it seems to be Tenille is one step ahead of her. Britt nearly reaches a breaking point of losing when Tenille finally locks in the Muta Lock, her famed finisher. Britt holds in for ages, and ages until she Finally breaks free. She then fights back coming with a crossbody and Russian Leg Sweep. They continue trying to out do one another until the final moments.
Britt exhausted loses the will to keep going and just collapses to the ground. Tenille smirks and fully takes the crowd in. She locks in the Muta Lock and Britt passes out in it. Tenille leaves a massive heel having cemented herself as a top person in the company.
Tag Team Match for the AAA World Tag Team Championships Lucha Bros vs. The Young Bucks
The build stays exactly the same. Nothing to change.
Now the match.
Fénix starts off hot taking on Matt Jackson with some Hip Tosses. Matt counters out of one and hits a Superkick! Fénix goes to the corner to recover but is met by some attacks from Matt Jackson. Fénix pushes Matt off then jumps off the middle ropes with a Crossbody. Fénix springboards off the ropes and comes down with a Arm Drag to Matt Jackson! Matt fight back though, Matt vaults jumps to He too ropes and comes down with a Twisting Air Attack. Matt rolls and gets back up. He starts to taunt the crowd then Fénix kips up to a big pop. Fénix then throws Mat to the mat, wraps the neck, Matt kips up and tosses Fénix over his back, Fénix lands on his feet and gets Matt in an Unprettier, But Matt rolls out of it, Fénix going over his back again, and jumps onto Matt’s back then jumps into the air and comes crashing down with a crossbody!! Matt recovers in the corner then Nick tags himself in an springboards his way into the ring! Nick then runs off the ropes and connects with a Diving Clothesline! Followed by another Diving Clothesline! Nick and Matt team up and hit a Double Superkick! Nick and Matt Taunt, But Pentagon comes down from the top ropes to both men!
Pentagon gives Matt a massive clothesline, Matt sells it with a Shooting Star Press like thing then rolls to the outside to recover. Pentagon curls up Nick in a Package Piledriver position then Fénix comes down with a dive! 1....2....Matt breaks it up! Ref demands Matt and Fénix leave the ring then it’s just Nick and Pentagon. Nick goes for a Wheelbarrow but Pentagon counters out, tossing Nick into the air and having Nick land on two knees. Pentagon starts to chop down Nick until they reach the corner. Nick swings his leg up then dives from the middle ropes with a Hurricanerana!! The Hurricanerana Takes Pentagon to the outside where Nick hits a Plancha to Pentagon!
Nick tags Matt back in using a Meltzer Driver. ”Alex Marvez: I’d say that’s a 6 on the Meltzer Scale in terms of pain!”. Nick starts to get some offense in on Pentagon, hitting a Five Star Frogsplash! 1...2...Kick Out! from the ring Nick tries to clothesline Fénix, But Fénix Ducks then scales the ropes and runs along them jumping into a Tornado DDT! Matt jumps onto the ropes to get in Penatgon’s face but Pentagon gives him a big old Superkick! Pentagon hits a Backstabber to Nick! Pentagon then hits the Package Piledriver and Fénix hits the Moonsualt! 1....2....3!!!!!! Lucha Bros Win the AAA Tag Team Championships on he big stage in Las Vegas Nevada!
Hangman Page Segment
The show is almost over, just one match left on the card. But then Hangman Page’s music hits. He comes out and grabs a microphone, he says that he deserved a match tonight, and because of “creative differences” his match with PAC had to be pushed forward, but now that means on this momentous night, he doesn’t have a match. He wants to lay out a challenge to anyone in the back right now to come out and face him right now.
On the titantron we see a video playing of a man walking into the MGM Grand, all the people that come across him get out of his way, and look scared of him, the camera pans down and there is barbed wire wrapped around his hand. Then without any sort of music queue, a man walks out, when he removes his hoodie at the top of the stage, it is indeed, Jon Moxley. The former Dean Ambrose has made his debut for All Elite Wrestling. He walks down to the ring and stands nose to nose with Hangman, he picks up a mic and lifts it to his mouth but can’t get the words out because of the audience reaction to him. He then lifts it to his mouth one final time before dropping the mic and attacking Hangman. Punching him with his fist wrapped in barbed wire, he then picks him up and hits his old CZW finisher, the Hook & Ladder before leaving the ring, and leaving Hangman in a bloody mess. Paramedics come down and Hangman is stretchered out of the arena in a shocking tun of events.
Singles Match: Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega
Just like with Cody vs Dustin, I think the build for this match is already great in real life so I wouldn’t change that at all.
Here we are, the big one. The rematch for the ages, who will win this time around. And who will go on to fight to be inaugural World Champion against Darby Allin, it’s time to find out just that.
Omega and Jericho have another fantastic match, Jericho plays the perfect heel throughout the match, almost forcing Omega to tap out to the Liontamer. Omega fights back and they brawl to the outside for a bit. Then when the match is beginning to reach its close, Jericho has Omega down, he looks like he has him beat, he hits a Codebreaker, but Omega still manages to get his shoulder up. Omega gets back to his feet and hits the V-Trigger and desperately covers Jericho but he manages to stay in it and get his shoulder up. Omega sets up the One Winged Angel, however Jericho slips off Kenny’s shoulders and tries for another Codebreaker, but Omega pushes him away. He then attempts a Superkick but Jericho ducks and spins for the Judas Effect, Omega ducks and commentary sound like they almost had a heart attack. They put over how if Jericho had hit that the match would 100% have been over. Omega then quickly picks Jericho up and hits the One Winged Angel and pins Jericho to get the 1…2…3.
Kenny Omega celebrates in the middle of the ring, the Elite come out to celebrate with him as the show goes off air with confetti falls all around him, the AEW roster stand on the stage and at the front of the group, Darby Allin, he slowly claps for Omega and looks unimpressed. But we get a good set up for their match which will happen sometime in the future.
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Top New Year's Eve Party Ideas For 2018

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Ideas For a 1960's Theme Party It's time to get groovy and start planning for your 1960's themed party. Let your hippie side show and dig deep for that old tie dyed T-Shirt. If you don't have all of those goodies left from the 1960's do not fear, Party Express has you covered!
Let the party supplies and costume accessories that are offered at be your guide to planning a 1960's themed party. You will find all kinds of peace sign favors, tie-dyed decorations, and hippie costume accessories. Party Express has everything that you need to turn your event space into a psychedelic dream. You can start out by hanging tie-dyed banners over every entrance way. This will let your guests know that they are about to walk through a time warp to the 1960's. Once inside they will see peace sign whirls hanging from the ceiling and maybe even some hippie bus centerpieces on the table full of little snacks and goodies.
Look The Part in Tie-Dyed Hippie Costume Accessories Your guests have to look the part when they are dancing the night away at your special event. So hand out some groovy costume accessories to them as they walk in the door. Some great ideas include peace sign beads, tie-dyed bandanas, or mod tops. You could go really crazy and turn all of your guests into hippies with our hippie costume kit. Your hippies will have everything they need to look and dress the party for this one of a kind party.
Make peace not war this New Year's Eve and throw an 1960's party that your guests will never forget. The 1960's might be a blur to them now, but your party is sure to stay fresh in their minds. They will be getting their groove on all night light as they are sporting tie-dyed colors and peace signs. So do not hesitate. Start planning your 1960's themed new year's eve party today!
1970's Party
1970's new year's eve party theme ideas image
Create Custom Invitations Create a custom invitation that matches the colors and theme of your 1970's Party. Party Express will customize our invitations to meet your event's needs. Invitations are the best way to let your prospective guests know that you are having a party and to fill the event space on December 31st. So intrigue your guests with one of our professionally designed custom new year's eve invitation.
Disco Decorations The decorations are the specialty for Party Express. We have hundreds of different 1970's themed new year's eve decorations. Whether you are looking for graffiti buses to put on the table as centerpieces or large 1970's paper cutouts to place on the walls you are sure to be able to turn your event space into a disco party that no one will ever forget! If you are serving food at your party we have the perfect disco ball tableware to serve all of those fancy little finger foods.
The 1970's were an era of bright colors, disco balls, and dance floors. has all of those great designs and more to decorate your bar or ballroom. Your guests will be filled with enthusiasm when they walk in and see all of the hard work that you did, that really was not all that difficult at all. Simply take your items out of the package and hang them up!
1970's Costume Accessories and Party Favors It would not be a party unless you were handing out hats, tiaras, and other celebratory aides to your guests. Party Express has developed some of the best and inexpensive Party Favors for you guests to utilize throughout the night. You will find New Year's Eve Party Kits in the theme of disco, along with hats, tiaras, horns, and beads that all compliment the design.
Give your bartenders an instant Afro with our Afro wig. This is one of the best quality and largest Afro wigs on the market and it will bring joy and laughter to all of your guests. You can even choose to give your guests some fancy 1970's era eyeglasses, or maybe even a disco ball bead.
Dress your guests this year in the theme of your 1970's disco party and watch the personalities shine!
1980's Party
TOTALLY RAD 80’S THEME PARTY IDEAS The 80's were a time like no other. Technology was booming and so were the speakers on that giant boombox radio. Our selection of 1980's themed party favors is full of the nostalgia that you would expect when walking into an old arcade, or watching a retro movie.
The 1980's was defined by loud music, extreme colors, and big hair. You will want to bring as many of these ideas together as possible as you are planning you 1980's themed New Year's Eve Party. The good news is that the Party Supplies and Decorations that you will find right here at will embody everything that was the 1980's. So lets get started planning your totally rad and every memorable 1980's themed party today.
Get Your Guests to Dress Funky Getting your guests to dress the party has never been more simple! Party Express has designed multiple party kits for the new year that completely embody what it meant to live in the 1980's. Simply select one of our 1980's themed party kits that include hats, horns, tiaras, and beads. Some of them even include glow accessories, which was huge in the 1980's. If you are more of a design your own party type of person, then we have dozen of different costume accessories that you can mix and match to create the perfect assortment of party favors for your event.
Some great items that will fit your 1980's party theme perfectly would include shutter shades, video game beads, retro button, and the instant nerd kit. No matter how small the freebie, your guests will be chomping at the bit to get whatever it is that you will be handing out on the New Year. So dress your nerds and your jocks how you think they should look with the great party favors and discounted costume accessories available from
RETRO 80'S DECORATIONS Let's set the mood for the party with some retro 1980's party decoration. Make your guests step back a couple of decades in time when they walk into your event space. You can create different sections, usually in each corner of the room. Here are some ideas for each section.
Gamer Section Create a gamer section of your event space with some of our 8-bit retro game style party favors. Hang some decorations from the ceiling with decorations that resemble the age old arcade games of the eighties. You could even set up an old tube TV and gaming console to let your guests enjoy the nostalgia that they had lived decades ago. They will be leveling up your party as they play through the old games that they had enjoyed in their childhood.
80's Rock Music Decorations This is a good section to set up around the DJ booth. With this you can get some of our 1980's signs and inflatable boomboxes to set around the DJ. Not only will your guests be enjoying the sounds of the 1980's but they will also be enjoying the familiar sights of what was 1980's rock & roll. This is a great place to incorporate some of our graffiti props and cassette tape decorations. So get out that old 80's mix tape and start to ROCK!
Retro Movie Section The 80's were a time for some of the most memorable movies every created. So take a trip Back to The 1980's and relive the magic with some of our movie inspired party decorations. This would be a great area to play some of those flicks on an old tube TV. So hang some 80's signs and turn on that blurry tube TV. The nostalgia will be too much for your guests and they will have a great time at your 1980's themed NYE Party!
CASINO NIGHT casino themed new years eve party image
Casino Night Party Supplies and Decorations Casino theme parties are a great way to make your guests think that they are high rollers on The Vegas Strip. Take out the play money and let your gets start rolling the dice with our casino themed decorations, hats, tiaras, and beads.
Casino themed parties not only create a fun atmosphere, but they also give your guests exciting happenings throughout the evening that will fill their evening with lots of laughs and excitement. Hand out some fake poker chips and let your guests try their luck at the tables. Be sure to have some great prizes for your guests to win. The prizes should be something that you find useful and that your guests will hold on to for many years to come. This will create lasting impressions every time they go to use the give a way item that you provided to them for hitting the jackpot.
Place Your Bets with Our Casino Night Decorations Hit the jackpot with the casino themed decorations and party favors that you will find at We have all of the traditional red and black card suit decorations that you would expect at a poker party, along with some that you might never have seen before.
Start the party out right by decorating your event space with the many decorations that we have available. Place some poker centerpieces on the tables and hang some card suit ceiling decorations up above. Then you can tie some poker themed balloons to all of the centerpieces and hang a Poker night banner over the doorway.
Do not forget to hand out some exquisite beads and necklaces to all of your guests. This will really get them into the gambling mood. In addition you could purchase some poker night hats and visors, or maybe even a playing card tiara.
If you look hard enough you might even find some large paper slot machines and blackjack party sets. These are a great way to set up your very own casino in your event space. You can scatter some playing card confetti around the tables to create a real poker night party atmosphere.
If handing out casino party favors are more your style we even have some chocolate favors bags that are themed specifically for your poker night party. So do not shop anywhere else. Party Express has everything that you need to have a successful and fun casino night party.
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DIY Dollar Tree Party Ideas + Balloon Centerpiece Tutorial ...

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